Douglas Naufel

currently the Vice-President of Product Development at nKind

A Broken Arrow native, Doug is a self taught programmer. He started writing video games on a Tandy TRS-80 in the 5th grade and built his first programmable computer on a breadboard when he was in the 9th grade. He quickly learned C programming, Windows, Linux, and networking which led to his first professional programming job at Prevue Networks where he built cutting-edge play-to-air digital media systems. He joined the team at Vyvx where h lead the development team creating the “Stadium of the Future” with many of his fellow nKind partners. Throughout his career Doug has been driving programming evolution for churches and ministries, government entities, nonprofits, and businesses of all sizes.

Doug has been a partner in SLA Professionals, LLC since its inception in 2009 and has since helped lead the company in many successes and new directions. Doug is one of the original creators and architect of the nKind product. He is a very inquisitive person that likes to stay on top of software development technology and how it is leveraged in our world. His objective is to be the "go to" guy that can accomplish the improbable and help bring new ideas and concepts to their full potential.

Douglas Naufel

Integrating the Best

Blog Message written on 11/22/2017 by Douglas Naufel

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What we have learned over the years is that it is usually more beneficial to integrate the best tools available than to try to find something that is all-in-one. When you integrate, you find that each tool is built with quality and features that can only be accomplished with a narrow focus.

Reaching People with Your Message

Blog Message written on 11/15/2017 by Douglas Naufel

Categories: About nKind
Tags: Donor,Website,Marketing,Message,Mission

So you have a website, but people just aren't finding it. Don't worry, nKind can help you reach people all over the world using simple, easy to use tools. Learn how to get people to your website and make the most impact on them when they arrive.

What is a Donor Centric Website?

Blog Message written on 11/01/2017 by Douglas Naufel

Categories: About nKind
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There are many reasons to have a website. For nKind customers, their website is a way of communicating their specific message around the world and making it easy for their donors to give. A donor-centric website is a website that exists for keeping your donors informed and involved, bringing in new donations, and spreading your message to new donors.

nKind Introduction

Information Message written on 04/07/2018 by Douglas Naufel

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A short introduction to what nKind is all about and what we can do to help churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations succeed in their missions.

EPIC Giving Connect

Information Message written on 06/01/2018 by Douglas Naufel

Categories: EPIC,About nKind
Tags: Connecting,Integration,Technology,EPIC Giving

One of nKind's fundamental design principals is making sure that it is able to connect to other systems and services. Starting with the inner most code, nKind is built to easily integrate with other systems via real-time communication. Whether you want to use a new social media platform, a new CRM or Accounting system, or something else that makes your business run smoother, nKind can connect as either a source or consumer of data.

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