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Written by: Douglas Naufel on Thursday, 07 June, 2018

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In today's interconnected world of data, technology doesn't stop evolving. Often the software you use simply cannot keep up with the changes. Your business cannot afford to spend time and resources on trying to stay current with technology trends just so that you can get your message out and analytic data in. At nKind, we understand that having your data when and where you need it is critical to staying on top. There are six keys to how nKind helps make sure your website works for you and not the other way around. 

First, how software is built can determine its future ability to connect and adapt. nKind is built from the ground up with integration in mind. An example would be swapping to a different CRM, email marketing service, or accounting system and still have your website, mobile app and other services continue to work in real-time. That means regardless of whether you use QuickBooks Online, Dynamics AX, or another accounting system, nKind can still push detailed information about donations, orders, and donors for things like year end processes and FMV calculations. Another example might be automating content through a new social platform that is becoming popular. With some services, this requires a great deal of time and effort, but with nKind, creating you integrations is fast and easy.

Another aspect of nKind's integration is that it is bi-directional. This means that it can act as a provider as well as a consumer of data and content. There is no need to enter a message, event, or promotion in to your website, update your mobile app, then login and create an email blast about it, and then update each of your social networks. You also do not have to then check in each service or other analytic systems to see how many people are hitting your links and coming to your website. You can see the important data such as new names and donations directly in your nKind dashboard while seeing exactly where they came from. If you see that you got 250 new users from the instagram post nKind made for you in the morning and 10 from twitter, you know you need to evaluate the results to be more effective.

nKind integrated websites also provide feeds compatible with today's consumption devices and services. When you enter content in to your website, it is always available as RSS. This can be used for messages, events, and promotions. When that content includes audio or video files, those can immediately drive podcasts, Roku channels, mobile apps, live web events and more. Your media content work with nKind content no matter where it is stored, including services like Vimeo, YouTube, Haivision, and Amazon.

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