Jeremy Lakey

currently the Vice-President of Sales at nKind

Born in the high deserts of Idaho, as a teenager Jeremy was a introduced to ministry work as a musician playing piano and singing. He is skilled in multiple instruments including the piano, guitar, mandolin and trumpet. He joined United Video Satellite Group in 1992 writing C-Band satellite provisioning systems in COBOL, moving on to doing research & development for Prevue Networks working with the team to create the world's first digital pay-per-view playback system for cable networks. Jeremy taught ANSI-C Programming at Tulsa Junior College as an adjunct Professor. He has decades of experience delivering inventive, innovative solutions and leading teams for companies, government entities, and Fortune 500 companies. He has developed touch screen software that enables in-the-seat concession ordering, interactive video games, statistical information and live camera feed for sporting stadiums. He has been awarded a patent for a server-directed multicast communication method and system and has received numerous awards for exceptional creativity and performance.

Jeremy Lakey

Unlocking Your Website's Potential

Blog Message written on 11/08/2017 by Jeremy Lakey

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A website can be a powerful tool for communicating to people across the globe, but alone, it has limitations. What if you were able to see what's really going on from day to day? What if you could see how well your message is being received by those who read it? How about if you could know exactly who came to your website for the first time and what brought them there? This can all be easily done. Let's look at how.

Risks of Shared Hosting

Blog Message written on 04/17/2018 by Jeremy Lakey

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“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” If your site is on a shared hosting server, it is only as secure as the site with the weakest security on the same server.

Deep Dive on Donor-Centric Commerce

Information Message written on 06/01/2018 by Jeremy Lakey

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Donor-centric commerce is a unique niche not easily solved by currently available ecommerce packages.

Cloud Infrastructure Breakdown

Information Message written on 06/01/2018 by Jeremy Lakey

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Cloud-hosting provides the benefit of "right-sizing" to your hosting needs. We will work with you in understanding your traffic and needs and guide you to the correctly sized instance to ensure your constituents consistently have an optimal experience on your web sites and mobile applications.

Common Issues with Online Donor Experience.

Blog Message written on 05/31/2018 by Jeremy Lakey

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Pitfalls a lot of non-profits experience with their online donor experience.

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