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Written by: Erik Beach on Friday, 08 June, 2018

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Where does your organization need to focus its limited resources?  When is your website's busiest time of day?  Day of the week?  Do more people visit the site from their phones, or from their desktop computers?  Analytics can give us the answers to these questions and more. 

Website analytics is the collection, reporting, and analysis of website traffic.  Analytics can tell us how people are using your website, like showing which blog post is the most popular, or if that new outreach copy you worked so hard on is attracting attention. Analytics can also be used to see where in the giving process users might be exiting your site, giving you the vital information you need to convert visitors into donors.

nKind's evaluate philosophy goes beyond just website analytics. With our intelligent dashboards and reporting tools, you can see the state of your organization at a glance. How many users signed up last night?  Is that Facebook post I made getting clicks back to the new landing page? Create unlimited targeted campaigns to see if your users respond better to targeted emails or even a QR code printed on a flyer.

It may sound complicated at first, but nKind was built from the ground up with analytics in mind. As part of your individual onboarding process, our team will provide you with the skills to use our simple but powerful tools.

Stop guessing and start EVALUATING your organization with nKind today!

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