nKind Onboarding Process

Written by: Zach La Lond on Friday, 08 June, 2018

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"I'm interested in nKind...now what?"

The first step is to contact a member of our sales team, so they can work with you to help determine exactly what nKind can provide to your organization.

Our team at nKind is going to identify how we can best work with the tools you're using today by asking a number of questions about your current environment. For example, if you're using a current CRM or Donor Management system, or if you have Chartbeat/Google Analytics on your current website, nKind can integrate with these tools to reduce disruption to you and your organization. Alternatively, nKind provides a complete website with social media/email integration, our custom nKind CRM, and all the rest of the tools you need to immediately begin receiving revenue.

Our team will work closely with you to identify which parts of your current setup you'll keep, which parts nKind can replace, and provide you the details you need in order to understand what the rest of the process will look like.

At this time we'll also work with you to determine the nKind service plan that makes the most sense for your organization.  We'll base this on the amount of traffic your website currently has, as well as the amount of traffic nKind can help you achieve.

Once that's done, the next step will be to sign the contract and an NDA. At nKind, your content is your business. We'll help you get your message out, but we won't be sharing any of the information you provide us with anyone else.

Now the actual onboarding process begins!


Step 1: Design and Content

Our onboarding coordinators will work with you to pick out a style for your website. We'll provide a number of choices regarding your site's fonts, colors, and layouts. Many customers prefer to keep their current website's general theme, but we also provide the ability to start fresh with a new template. We'll expect you to provide the content you want displayed, but we'll do all the work of actually building the site for you. Our team of experts have decades of experience building websites, and using nKind's tools makes this process a breeze.


Step 2: Integration

At this point, we'll integrate your new site with the following things:

a) Payment Processor

b) Social Media Accounts

c) Email Marketing

d) Website Analytics (optional)

e) CRM/Donor Management system

f) Accounting System

g) Video Hosting Provider (optional)

These items will be added into the site by our team, handling all the complicated integrations on your behalf. This is only one of the many values nKind can provide.


Step 3: Testing, Training and Go-Live

Once the site is built and properly integrated, we begin a 1-week beta period. During this time, the site is tested by both our nKind team as well as your company's representatives. Your team will be provided training on how to add content, messages, events, and take advantage of the suite of functionality that nKind now provides.

After the 1-week beta period, your nKind hosting contract begins, and your website goes live to the world! We suggest you coordinate this rollout with social media posts and email blasts to notify your consumers and constituents. You'll be thrilled with what nKind can do for your organization!

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