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Written by: Zach La Lond on Friday, 08 June, 2018

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The most important part of interacting with your target audience is getting your message into their hands.

nKind provides the ability to get your message out to a number of platforms, with the technology to identify what's working best for your needs.

When creating a message, we at nKind encourage you to think of them as more than a blog or a social media post - a message can be anything you want it to be. For example, a church can create a daily devotional that's published on a daily basis. This devotional can be anything from a couple lines of text to a fully featured piece of content with images, videos, and links. Then that devotional can be published to your website, sent out via an email blast, or shared to one of the social media integrations we provide such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A message can also be a call to action (CTA) on your website. On our information page, we're using messages to hold the detailed descriptions for our EPIC Giving, nKind Features, and Back Stage information blocks.

The only limit to our messaging is your imagination!


Publishing Your Messages

Once a message is created inside nKind, you're presented with a number of potential options regarding what to do with this message. It can be published immediately, or set up to be published at a future date. It can be emailed out via our email provider integration, or just posted to the website. It can also be shared to one or more of your integrated social media platforms. nKind gives you all the tools you need to be able to get your message out to your consumers.


Is My Messaging Working?

You've sent out a link to your latest message via a tweet, a post on Facebook, and an email blast. How can you tell which one is getting the most engagement?

nKind uses campaigns and channels to group your messages by content and platform. For example, there's a campaign geared around an October promotion, so every message you share that's tied to that is tracked under that campaign. Then we use channels to categorize the platform it's shared to (like Twitter). Using this technology, nKind can help you identify which messages are working and help you improve your customer engagement. 


Tracking Messages Internally

As your organization grows, it's likely that the amount of content you're creating will grow as well. nKind provides a "tag" system so that you can put tags on your messages to easily group, display, and search your messages. For example, all the daily devotionals could have tag of "devotional" that you can use to only see those devotionals. In correlation with the tag, the campaign tracking mentioned earlier can help you quickly identify relevant messages. Once identified, you can view engagement, make updates, or delete the messages as required.


Messaging is arguably the most important part of your brand's identity. With nKind, you can compose custom messages of almost any format and quickly get them into your consumer's hands, giving you the power to grow.

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